Main features of EMV Kernel

Main features of EMV Kernel


EMV Level 2 supported Features

SDA, DDA, CDA, fDDA, Online and Offline PIN, Signature, No CVM, Fail CVM, Consumer Device CVM, On Device Cardholder Verification, Certificate Revocation, Exception Lists and all Terminal Types.



VISA(qVSDC & MSD), PayPass(M/Chip & M/Stripe), EMV Contactless Specification for Payment Systems.


Approved by EMVCo

EMV Kernel has approval from EMVCo for work in modes "Online only" and "Offline with online capability"


EMV Kernel supports

EMV Kernel supports all spectrum of functions stipulated by specification EMVCo.


Easily transferred to POS terminals

The EMV Kernel can be easily placed on any POS-terminal or ATM, which programmed by 'C' language.


Used by

The program is intended for use in cash registers, boothes of self-service, cash dispenses and POS terminals.


The application has the open program interface

The application has the open program interface, That allows to attach it to already available software in short terms.


For connection

For connection of to existing software, it is enough to fill the data of values in bodies of functions, which serve for to transfering of to "EMV Kernel", the prefered language, amount transaction, currency, transaction type and the answer from HOST.


EMV Kernel have two programm interface

EMV Kernel have two programm interface for connection with Non EMV Application.


Master или Slave

You can to connect EMV Kernel with Non EMV Application in Master and in the Slave mode

EMV Kernel Slave mode

EMV Kernel режим Slave

EMV Kernel Master mode

EMV Kernel режим Master

Documentation about integration with EMV Library